Editor's Note: Acknowledgment Update May 3, 2020 Book # 232

In every book that I have written, I have publicly acknowledged all of the help that I have received from friends family, and those who help just by being there.  After writing so many books and receiving so much help over the years, my acknowledgments section would print out to be over twenty pages. So, instead of killing a few trees, I put it here below for all to read.

Since I am trying to make all versions of all my books more affordable, I have saved over twenty pages by providing a link to this file rather than place the acknowledgment text in the front matter of my new books.  This is the text that would have been there. I am grateful to my friends and family for being so helpful in supporting my little book business and the 232 books which I have written. You are all hereby acknowledged.



Thank you all deeply! 

In every book that I write or edit, I publicly acknowledged all of the help that I have received from many sources. Some of these wonderful people are still on earth and others have made their way to heaven.

I would like to thank many people for helping me in this effort.

I would first like to thank my immediate family, starting with my lovely and dear wife, Patricia. Pat is as lovely and bright as a sunny day. Each time I write, I try to say something even better about Pat as she is quite the lady. But, she is still a kid and she makes me feel younger just watching her in action. My Pat is number one. She is my hero. Even the flowers behave when she speaks to them. This year, no impatiens but wow, what she planted instead! She works harder than anybody in the house to make sure all seven of us are OK! It does seem like yesterday that we met and, I am happy that life happens for real and not just in fairy tales. I would not give up my real life for all the fantasies in the world.

Thank you Pat for being there all the time for our whole family. Thank you for helping your Tuesday Night buddies. Thank you for quietly taking care of everybody else's problems and making them your own. Thank you for the care you give to all our children, including Bennie, our doggie and that huge tabby tomcat, Buddy, who just today I stepped on and am still searching for forgiveness. Dear Pat, we all need you every day.

I love when you announce yourself after coming in from school or from shopping, "Hello You Lucky People!" I am glad that you are now retired so that we can go where and when we want to go without somebody else in between. Except right now we have to outwait the Coronavirus.

You know that your daddy, Smokey, became a best friend of mine and I loved how he always called you his little girl "Packy." The "Smoke" and the "Skip" are now with the Angels and the Lord, but the memories are forever. I do smile thinking of you because I love you dearly and I love how you make our family, a family.

I would also like to thank my beautiful daughter, Katie, who has been Daddy's little girl now for all of her years. You are one of the brightest people in the whole world but more than that, you are among the kindest and the sweetest. I am very proud of you and even more proud as I got to see your work with needy clients in your past profession. In your new profession, I know you keep that whole business enterprise rolling. Thank you.,

I loved that band of yours—The Charming Beards, which may get reactivated again from time to time. I also enjoy your work “Love Crimes,” and “Ashes for Trees.” Of course the Aaron and Katie combo was also excellent. You have a beautiful and kind voice. Whew! You are something! You are all grown-up and quite capable on your own, but I still want to thank you for always being Daddy’s Little Girl. I love you very much. And thanks for all your help! Best wishes on your latest Album Release, and the Susquehanna Tavern galas. You are great Kate. 

Thanks also go out to my second son, Michael, who graduated from Law School and who passed the BAR exam first time. Mike is a tough lawyer to oppose. He makes winning look easy. It is tough to do well as a solo attorney. Yet, Attorney Michael Kelly of MPKellyLaw.com has gained a substantial client base and he brings in many victories for his clients. Thank you for the help you give me in my business as your work is always masterful. You are a fine person and a fine lawyer. I am continually proud of the person that you are and the person that you continue to become. You are having a great career.

You have learned that nothing in life worth having is easy and you have knocked down barrier after barrier to be a person who can do just about everything. Congratulations Son! You are a good man, and that is the best compliment of all. You are also a good son! I'm proud of that big heart and my wonderfully wonderful good son.

Thanks to my tall and handsome first born son, Brian, who knocked 'em dead in Law School and graduated Magna Cum Laude and then killed the BAR exam. As the Publisher of Lets Go Publish!, Brian continues to be an essential ingredient in helping me pull many of my books together, and his writing talent is the best. In my books and in my other writings, when I need some good phraseology, Brian is always there with the solution. You are blessed with many talents.

Your musical talent is second to none and your dedication to perfection makes it even better. I know that your first love is family; music is #2; Magic is #3, and the Law and your work come next. You have my blessing in all your endeavors. Congratulations on being the #1 player in the world after the recent years' Hasbro Magic Tournament. That is one heck of an accomplishment. I still do not have your autograph but I will wait in line as others seek to get close to the World Champion! 

I see your musical work on the Internet all the time with many, many views and great accolades. Your projects number in the hundreds and your videos are a phenomenon. You are a master musician with the organ and the piano and I still remember the trumpet and the huge Meyers Xylophone. Your snappy arrangements of music that others have written and your creativity in your own pieces are top shelf. You have many an option in life and being a living Mozart can certainly be one of them. Enjoy to the world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bksqP5gp1ZQ

Mom and I are very proud of all of our children and we thank each of you for your work in academia, in life, for the family, and your efforts on our family’s behalf. Thank you for helping me with all of my book projects.

Thanks also to David J. Bauman, a great poet and a chef, Brian’s best friend—for all his help with the books.

A special thank you also goes to Dr. Patrick Kerrigan, our family enabler. When my back went out recently, I got to talk to the good doctor on a Sunday, as he prescribed what I needed to remove me from extreme pain. A year or so ago, I was in for a tune-up and I have had the stress test, the colonoscopy, and all other things including a facial exam, and all is well, thankfully. Katie has been to your office also as has Michael, Brian, and Mom. Thank you sir. We all improve from our visits with Dr. Patrick Kerrigan.

Every now and then one of us needs an emergency appointment when we get sick. You are right here at the beginning of my acknowledgments list because you make sure we are all OK. We love the medicine provided by Doctor Patrick Kerrigan, our man of the year, every year. After making sure that nasty cyst did not come back and helping me find the right surgeon for my knee replacement, I am glad that we can share Notre Dame moments again. May the light of the Holy Spirit always prevail with Dr. Alexander’s assistance of course! Thank you for your great work with Katie and all of us.

Everybody in Wilkes-Barre and beyond loves Dr. Patrick Kerrigan. A testimony to that was the "Man of the Year" award from the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick just in the past several years. I hear testimony from your dedicated staff on each visit. You have assembled a fine team and they love working for you since you are one of the great Doctors in life and you really care for people, and you smile as people get well.

You are a humble man who loves his God and Country and of course my books. For our family, you are the man of the decade with many more decades to come. Dr. Patrick, thank you for keeping us all well. Thank you for curing the spider bites, internal issues, strep throat, colds, flu, thyroids, and all the other maladies that befall any of us. Thank you for being the kind of doctor that will do his best even if we all have a common obstacle such as Obamacare. I know you will persevere and do the best you can. Thank you for your vigilance and for fighting to keep the doctor / patient relationship in tact as your work exemplifies the value of that relationship. Thank you for making your patients your life’s priority.

Special thanks for the help from the kind and overall wonderful staff at the Hart Medical Center, where this group of experts helps Dr. Kerrigan complete his daily toil. Mary Beth, Barbara C., Mary, Colleen, Sandy, Jamie, Susan, Barbara S., and Kim Ann all contribute to helping make the experience very professional. Thank you all.

Ten years ago, a big thank you went off to a new doctor in my life, Dr. Thomas Meade, who is a phenomenally skilled surgeon. Dr. Meade added a titanium knee replacement to my list of possessions. A few years ago, Dr. Meade pronounced me fully functional again while giving me a shot for my other “bad Knee” and wow, am I a more capable person today. I am ready for another new knee when Corona subsides. Dr. Meade’s practice comes with a great team including Molly, Pam, R.J., and Tom. Thank you all for your great work in making my knee better. At the beginning of 2020, I was back getting a booster as you know in the “bad” knee. Thanks for the great care. And, thanks for taking Mikey on as a patient back when for his knee problems and his ACL surgery gave him a new opportunity in life to be young and fully capable. Thanks for taking away John Anstett's pain in summer 2015.

Additionally, at the Hazleton Health & Wellness Center therapists Colleen Martonick and Susan Abazly used their collective magic touch and wonderful personalities to help make my knee more functional, lots sooner. I keep them in the books because they are so nice. They know their stuff and their patients know they are wonderful people and their magic produces results. Thank you ladies! Your kindness and your great care will never be forgotten.

One of the steady Eddies in my life has been Dr. Louis Guarnieri, the finest Chiropractor known to mankind. Dr. Lou, and Angel Marie, RIP, and John, and Cindy, and Mary and the new Mrs. John Guarnieri are the best. Dr. Lou makes sure that I am tuned up regularly and when I mess up and hurt myself, he is the first on the scene with the medicine to get better. 2020 was a tough year and no books could have been written without the healing touch of Dr. Lou Guarnieri.

As we move on in life, we find others who become champions in our lives, and we often have no way to really thank them. So, we just thank them as we can. My new Dentist, Dr. John Handley Sr. of Kingston who helped me for years just passed away and his son took over his duties for Pat and I. His lovely wife is often the person assigned to calm me down. I do not take the liberty to mention names without permission so next time this book is in print, I hope I have the names of the wonderful staff at this organization mentioned with a smile. Dr. Handley is in heaven. Just like his dad, Handley, Jr is a also pro and I am so thankful that he took me as a patient.

Recently Patricia became a patient and she loves the team. I feel good going to the dentist’s office for the first time since my buddy Tommy “Smiles” McDermott; a college classmate, took care of all my dental needs. God bless Angel Dr. Handley Sr., his lovely wife, Dr. Handley, Jr. and his wonderful staff. BTW, the Dr. Handleys also took on my son Michael as a new patient. Thanks again.

Thanks also to the Kelly extended family, always there to lend a helping hand. Angel Barb, Kim & Dave, Baby Cole, Dawn, Cindy & Dave Boyle, Megan and Sean are some of the most wonderful family in my life. Two graduates now graduated from college. Whew! Kim made her own set of little bones and his name is Cole. We have renewed our relationship thankfully and we are back in synch. Mom Barb, a long-time friend passed on to the Lord and she is missed by all. We sure love all the Boyles to pieces. And, of course my great friend, their dad Joe, now also with the angels and Barb in heaven, always gets his plugs in to keep things OK. Don't worry Joe, we'll get it right! Hopefully real soon!

Thanks also to Melissa and Paul Sabol, Paul IV and their beautiful girl, Amy, who still runs the family. Though now divorced, the Sabols are still tops on the list. Melissa, you are a phenomenon with all of the different areas in which you excel. Thank you so much for helping as much as you can. You are a special person. Thank you to Mrs. Sabol, Paul’s mom who now as an angel, guides us from heaven, and of course Mr. Paul Sabol II, whose Indiana Jones hat and overall look makes him a favorite in the ‘hood. Of course Mr. Sabol Sr. and the wonderful Mr. & Mrs Glosser (Dick & Gail) are always there helping as needed to get the projects done. 

I am not ashamed to talk about my best friend in all of life, Dennis Grimes, who is always there to help. A short while ago, Dennis and I were checking out peacemakers at the local gun shop. Dennis is the consummate CIO and he is my consigliore for all of the things in life for which Joe McDonald, who recently went to the Lord, was not specifically assigned. Is consigliore an Irish word? Whether it is as a CIO or an expert tradesman, Dennis does everything right. Bucko, from Java programming, to putting in a sump pump, to trimming trees, or rebuilding ceilings, or helping a business implement an IT project, or just relaxing to have a beer, you are # 1. Professor Grimes and I shared an office when we were both on the faculty at Marywood University where he taught Java and all the heavy lifting programming topics. Mr. Grimes is very talented, very helpful, and most of all, very nice

Dennis reviews most of my work and he really gives a darn. Thanks Bucko for all your help. There are other Grimes' involved. The beautiful Barbie Doll -- Barbara Grimes, Patricia Grimes Yencha, and devoted husband Jason, Elizabeth (the Wizzler) and new hubby Mark, Mary the PhD & Scott the long-suffering (hah!),  Denyse and her new hubby. Grandma Viola recently went to the Lord but was always a great contributor. She liked campaigning in her new digs. I would see her periodically as she continued to recover from some lymph edema. Mrs. Grimes, aka Viola, talked about Sam Fletcher, Mr. Grimes Sr. and other wonderful people in her life including her brother and her wonderful sister in law. We were so fortunate to know Viola Grimes. Oh, by the way, when I ran for Congress, she was at the celebration and wanted to be invited back when I ran for anything again. She will be there for sure. Thank you Mrs. Grimes. I'll make even better kraut and "dogs," next time! 

Angel Grandpa Dennis, Angel Grandma Gert and Angel Grandpa Aloysius Ankenbrand, also pitch in whenever the opportunity arises. Mary Gert Ankenbrand, Barbara's wonderful sister is feeling much better a while after surgery and she is also a prime contributor to the muse. I am thankful for all the fillings she has provided to VA patients to help this work and to bolster her retirement. Her former boss, Dr. George Agurkis, a fine man, is now with the angels.

Angel Gert found her way to heaven recently also but her sister Aunt Jen outlasted her and almost made 100. I think she planned to be at a few more big parties until she hits 100. At that time, Ponce De Leon was ready to inject her with the preserved fluids from the Fountain of Youth.

Angel Gert was so wonderful and she always put others first. Thank you Grandma Gert and enjoy the sunshine above the clouds. Your daughters and all of us think you are wonderful and we know that you are close to God. By the way, Dennis the only real Grimes in the Ankenbrand family is an author himself and a little more than a little while ago, he picked up the "pen" again threatening to create some nice management articles. I have not seen anything yet but a hammer and a cycle.

Dennis helps me in whatever way I ask, especially when I am stuck. I really appreciate all he does for me. Barb and Dennis' daughters Wizzler and Partricia, (yes I said Partricia and not Patricia cause that's what I call the lady who has her own Jason.) mentioned earlier, always helps when needed. Partricia's husband Jason is the best accountant, CFO-type in Northeastern PA.

Thanks to little Matthew and Ryan, two of the newest "Grimeses" in the family. Matthew is the new head of the family according to Bucko.

Thanks also to Mary Jo "Frederick," and her two brothers Norman and Joey for their contributions. Tony Greico is also there to help and share in the vino… and it is mmmmm…good!

And never last on any helper list was my out of town friend, Joezer Mickey, a long time friend. Joe McDonald was so concerned about having the same name as his son that he asked to be taken out of the acknowledgments for a few books so his son would not be harmed by his dad's apparent activism. Joe Jr. no longer is at that particular paper so Joezer Mickey is now gone and Joe McDonald cam back but, he passed away not too long ago quietly. We miss him big time. 

Joezer was as good as it gets, especially at ISBNs, but Joe McDonald, former Publisher of the Scrantonian / Tribune is even better. Thank you—Joseph McDonald. Don't show this to any of your small children. It will scare them. My thanks to Pegzer Mickey for making sure that Joezer was always the great man that he was. Translated, my thanks go to Peg McDonald for making sure that husband Joe is always the great man that he is in heaven. Yes, we are making shish kebobs again when we can get Dennis the recipe.

Big thank you's also go to Gerry Rodski and Joyce Heck, whose is tough battling the results of a stroke. God bless Joycey Edward. God bless little Jeremy and keep showering your gifts on him and little Lukey! Dr. Amanda Rodski, and her past husband Dr. Christopher Samujh and little baby Sebastian always add to the day and the help quotient. Gerry will one day marry Joyce but he may do so when both reach heaven because he is a procrastinator. Angel Frank Rodski from "Who Cares," Sandie, Frank Jr. and Christopher etc. and all the Rodski’s including the two Rodski trunks that were once in the garage have all helped the muse significantly.

The trunks always enjoyed Brian Patrick’s music as we all do, and they encouraged me to visit them as the cache of the red vintage was always kept close by. God bless the Tobes and we are thrilled that our big Tobe made a fast and miraculous recovery several years back, and now he is again wreaking havoc on the NEPA Happy Hour spots. Black Russian please!

Oh, let it not be said that the Tobe is not the greatest gardener in the land. He bought a huge plant from Lowes in April 2015 that they were throwing away from the 2014 season. It cost him 39 cents. He reinvigorated it in February 2015, and showered it with TLC. He picked his first red tomato in March, 2013, had five more before the plant died in late April 2020. It was a talking plant and it told him he had cheated but he did not listen. In February 2020, the Tobe began to give his excess tomatoes to friends and neighbors. That’s how good he has gotten at gardening.

Who could ask for anything more? Rod Serling came back from the grave and asked if he could make a Night Gallery Episode out of it! Gerry asked whether Rod knew how to make a Black Russian. They have been friends ever since. Serling convinced Rodski to go for the coveted first tomato prize in the WB Kingston area. Gerry won hands down. Congratulations Ger!

Still having their shelled peanuts and raw eggs in golden beverage every Saturday morning in God's land are the Kelly parents -- Edward J. & Irene McKeown Kelly. What a team! The silk stockings are in the humor position all the time and the TV shows are the best of the best. It’s “All in the Family” all of the time except when interrupted by the Honeymooners or Lawrence Welk. They continue their guidance from the great upstairs and they provide direct intervention as needed. My brothers and sisters and their families are also always there to help from the past with mom and dad and now in the present. Ed of course, now has first dibs on Mom and dad.

My wonderful brother Edward (Eudart) Kelly Jr., left this world around Thanksgiving in 2010. He is now one of our Angels. Ed was very smart and beat out many competitors to be # 1 in his class. He never gave up the # 1 position even for an interval. We sure love our brother Ed and we miss him very much. We thank God for taking care of Ed in heaven from this point on. He is reunited with all of the other Kelly and McKeown angels. He had some good buddies in his residence in B'nai and his boys are back in contact with the Kelly family. Eddie Jr., John, and Robert Kelly, are all thanked for coming back and for their fine contributions to the muse.

The Ed Kelly boys are all handsome young men, and it was great to see them again. Young Ed Kelly III has a wonderful daughter Jessica. All of the family loves Ed and Jess and one day all the brothers and sisters will be with all the nieces and nephews as Eddy Kelly Jr. would want it to be. John Kelly is married and has two young daughters, Nicole Jean, and Raegan Amelia. John is now known as "CHUCKY". Robert Kelly is no longer married but he took the trek and is over it. Robert is “free” as a bird. He is dating and perhaps engagement is a next step. His nickname is "BIRD".

God bless all the fine Ed Kelly Jr. boys and may they live long and prosper and come around to see their uncles and aunts every now and then. Ed Kelly Jr. is still missed by us all. We’re still not over his passing. Carol and Randy Kelly are still on the Kelly list and they always will be. God bless Carol and Randy and keep you both safe. Thanks for the help.

Thanks also to Carol Goode Kelly and Randy for their great work with angel Eudart in the wonderful Elizabeth St. etc. years. .

Nancy (Dear Dear) and Angel Jim Flannery (Leland K. Zard) are always there to help in reading material or just making life go better. Thank you Dear and Jim. You and your family are wonderful. , Renee (Bean), Billy Kimble (a.k.a. Billiard Peph) Jimmy (Jim Bob), Bridget (Bridge), Bailey Ann (Bailee Roo). BTW, Bailey (her real name) is a phenomenal athlete competes in events in AC with her cousin Sophia (Dinardo). Both of these ladies are also great dancers. Bailee (nickname) is one of the finest Roos in all of the USA – even on weekdays.

Mary (MaaWee) & Danny Delucia (DanMan -- highly skilled member of the family—the best AC guy in the state), Michael (McPike) , a great drainage ditch guy from way back, and of course the former Floridians, Ken (La Rue) & Jen (LaRue) & Genevieve (Viva La Vieve) Viva La Vieve does her best to make everything OK for everybody. Thank you Viva la Vieve!

There is also angel David (Davidow a.k.a. Brunoch Zard). Dave is always ready for action. Can't forget the Q's for all their fine assistance -- Stephen (P.Q. Whoozer – formerly C.J.'s finest, and now a fine musician playing all over NEPA.) Hey, there is also the magnanimous Matthew (the powerful M.Q. Peph & the ole flame Kristen (Crystal Sands) has fallen off the beach and the charts. Amanda, Trevor, Lyla and Clara James have made all the bucks that big Peph makes all the more meaningful as his wonderful family need him all the time. Pephard Q. is quite a man as is his whole family. 

Of course not to be left out are Angel Anna Mae, Angel Joe and the once very much alive Rosalie Ferro (the wild dancers from German Nite, both of whom are now angels and with the Lord. Angel Anna (Grandma – Ed’s ole buddy), Angel Raymond (the faux Sparkey), and the real Sparkey, also an Angel. BTW, the real Sparky is also an angel, Anthony Faltyn, father to Norie, Paula, Toni, Artie, Joey, Mary Frances and Pattie. His wonderful wife is now also an angel, the real Anna Mae his best friend was the lovely Rita, who was never a "meter maid."

Jim Flannery Sr. celebrates his anniversaries with the Lord every St. Patrick’s Day, and my wonderful nephew David has been up there with his Dad for most of the time. I love them both and I still do. Eternal truths live on. There is still turkey in the fridge. And, the Anthony’s breakfast sandwiches from the late 1990’s have finally spoiled but they get refreshed every year and Scotty the P's.  Anyway, thanks for the continual inspiration. Lucy (RIP in Dog Heaven) and Frankie, RIP, of the canine variety are always available in the sky for love.

I am so tickled to have the finest pack of brothers and sisters and miniatures that any person could ever dream of having. Every one of the Ed and Irene siblings for example, has a twin that loves them. And four are related to a fine former graduate of Mallinckrodt Convent High School. Some even have two twins that love them.

Still counting Kelly brothers and sisters, the first typist in the publishing company long ago was sister Mary (Maracus - Wartina), now bringing in the bucks with her homemade quilt venture known as www.mimisquilts.com, the finest quilts in the Northeast. Mary now offers psychological advice from all the work in the medical office in her new job. OK, she doesn’t because she is always helping me. Great fruit cake and cran bread and pickles. Thanks mimi and the great dolup and the love. 

Plus her spaghetti sauce is mmmmmm! Just had a new batch last night while writing book # 232. I also get help from husband Bill Daniels, a one-time computer maestro at a Catholic College up the road. Bill enjoys life and all his fine grandchildren. Punky, everybody’s angel doggy buddy now with the Lord. There are more: But wait. Mrs. Sarah Daniels, recently an Angel, is one of the finest ladies that have ever helped make the negative, positive. Plus, she always made the best coleslaw, period, though Aunt Diane’s is pretty darn good. Aunt Sarah, before her passing recently had discovered Raub’s in Plymouth and we spotted her there and enjoyed company. The most hidden person on the positive trail since Zorro or the Count of Monte Christo is my good friend, an angel himself, Garry Daniels, who is so much of a Patriot, he will not even mention his own name if it might take something from somebody else. He delivered DGR to all in the past. Gary survived a real issue within the past five years and we were so tickled that he was not only OK, he is wondering he was wondering about the other guy who got hurt. Farry went with the Lord just recently. I miss his inspiration for sure.  

The Billdog--Bill Jr. and his little man Jaxon Daniels, the 2nd newest and thus the 2nd youngest member of the family… but one more has arrived. Jaxon is now enjoying the family events. Baby Skylar (and her mom Angel Becky) is also a beauty who enjoys life. God bless all the Billy Daniels'..

The newlyweds still are Megan (Meggledeebaigledee) & Jason the Argonaut Kauwell but now there are two miniatures – little Nathan (Nat King) and Charlotte (Hush Hush -- as in Sweet Charlotte) . We heard the little bones while they were growing and it is so nice to see the wonderful beings that appear. Liz (Weezler) & Brian Ginochetti (Gino of Vino fame – great Pinot Noir and homemade beer, Sophia (Chubby Cheeks DeNardo,) the great state diver, Elise (Fleure D'Leese), & King Luke Daniel Ginochetti (LukeyD, a.k.a. Luke-a-Duke a.k.a. The Great Lukacchio), a semi new force with which to be reckoned. He was the only new force until the Megler (above) got in the act. The munchkinettis are about to take over and so they shall. They indubitably won the Easter Egg hunt in 2019! None held in 2020. But before that we celebrated a grand cookie bake and I ate 20,000 anise cookies. OK, 19,000. 

The count continues with Diane (the marvelous and beautiful Diser) and brother Farmer Joe (Ugabug Smith, Seethoroe, Cement) Kelly, Tara (Tara Lara), her well acclimated husband Chris Bryk, (& the older miniature Aiden Christopher Bryk, & the lovely Zoey – finally somebody besides Pat knows how to eat birthday cake.) Colleen (Collowishes), and of course the third newest Smith/Kelly, Caitlin Marie, who is just so beautiful and so nice. Caitlin officially runs the show as she grows in curiosity and capability but more sooner than later Aiden and Zoey will be making demands.

There are a lot more angels requiring mention, Puffy and Fluffy, fine former residents of Kingston for years and now there is the ever alive Foxey Girl. Our Angel Harry Ashford is now with his Angel Josephine and all of their children know that God is taking care of everything. Unless, of course God needs some plastering up there, and then the master Harry Ashford will surely show his mastery.

Joanne & Ricky Bayer, Briana the magnificent and Eric the Great (Bayer) always provide needed muse assistance. Cheryl Danowski, Sheila & the kids, Cassie Josephine a,k.a. Cassie Jo Bunk, Diane and Derek Shaffer, and baby Grace Elizabeth are ready for the call. We must also recognize the good work of Angel Freddy (Friedrich) who always kept things on the up and up on Beech St. until God gave him a better offer. Mike Danowski and Billy Suchadelski from Billy's also make sure the Beverage Aire is working daily. RIP to Angel Billy Danowski. God bless Chery; and may God be good to her. 

Keith (Keith E Rue, the Diamondman) and Dorie (Thea, Dearie) Zinn, now living with the Jeffersons at the Newberry and in FLorida, Keith Jr., Dr. Matt, and the still newlyweds, Jennifer & Daniel Richard Evans, baby Jackson, baby Pierson plus that nice Uncle Harold Zinn make sure there is only goodness in the Zinn lives. Encouragement also comes from the “Thea” Sisters, Ellie and Ellen, Debbie and Tom McGrath, Pat and Frank Jones. Thanks to all. The proud parents and grandparents Bill and Cathie Fetterman help as often as possible.

I am so pleased with the help of Ken and Karen Evans (Kennethra and Knaren Knevans) -- always on the help lines along with angel Brent and Ryan Evans, Thank you, God for keeping all healthy and watching over Brent in heaven. Thank you all for your help on the projects. 

And, how about those Back Mountain stalwarts and their contributions. Kevin the Tomato Man and Mary Kay Covert, and of course the Bob and Nancy Edgerton’s are always thinking. The tomato eating contest again was won by Rick Pincofski. His sister Sandy helped while wife Donna hid the skins. Thanks all for your support on the books.

Don't let me forget Patricia’s parents, Arline (Skippo) and Stanley (Smokey) Piotroski, the finest angels who continue to guide us in our lives. Angel Cathy (the retired Postmaster General and quite an effective campaign leader) and Martin (Marty) Piotroski, the family chef, and as nice a man as there is. Marty continues relaxing on the beaches of Maryland / Delaware and in the Harrisburg that Cathy picked out... while we all chill our bones for the winter. Cathy spent time in Jefferson hospital and Hospice before passing on in February 2014. We all miss her deeply. She loved Turkey Sandwiches!

Special thanks to our angel Cathy and Marty, thanks again for opening your home to us, when we were evacuated in September 2011 -- from the Hurricane Lee waters. Marty Jr. still calls and he seems OK. Hope we find another place when we need to move to higher ground. The Martin Piotroski’s are very kind. Thank you.

Then there are the still almost newlyweds Erin & Mike Olshefski, who always are there to help. Erin made the run to New Hampshire with us and weren’t we thrilled with that. What a wonderful young lady. Mikey took the shirt off my back at Christmas time and I hope he is wearing it well. Erin took note to my note about Yogi Berra and just today, I have a famous Yogi quote now on a ceramic plaque in the Sun room. Thank you Erin. Pat and I think you are the wonderfulest.

And of course there is the lovely and wonderful Lynny (Lynnstermacher -- and her wonderful mother Carol Frostbutter, who is now in heaven with many of our friends and relatives. She sure liked those sandwiches from Anthony’s in OC. Amen! Lynnie and Angel Margaret were just here yesterday to drop off quart juice bottles for recycling. Lynnie recycled six more full ones to serve the needs in Harrisburg. Lynn was the gracious SanDiego hostess who never made it to Hennesys but made the most perfectly shaped pancakes I ever saw. She also thinks that it was that savage Archie Harders, who along with Uncle Stan hived off with the oatmeal cookie stash from Hotel Coronado. It's one for Columbo! 

Scott Piotroski (Scott Trosk -- provider of Jameson that even Jameson could not get), Special thanks to Scott for all his work for me on the campaign donation web site when I ran for office. Wow! What a great helping hand. No matter what I ask of Scott, it has never been too much. Then there is MacKenzie (Maccadackadoo – beautiful, back from College and off to new adventures after Harrisburg Community College nursing. She showed up with the wonderful Ryan of no-beer-dum, who may now be looking for a tap to refill his Dab beer glass.

Let’s not leave out Merek ( one time known as Amerreeek -- quite an athlete and a fine and good young man and once getting it all together at Harrisburg Community College (I think). Merek is one of the nicest young men who has ever graced our domicile. He is now out on his own with Lydia, a wonderful lady. Hope he keeps coming back. He recently underwent a name change. From now on, there is no Amerreek, his nickname is simply America, and you can't do better than that. Of course there are the mighty mites, Myranda (Myranda Roo the M & M and Jelly Bean queen – and the Ripley’s Tour Guide for big Uncabunk) and Wiley Ki Eyely working hard in the publishing business--MacKiley (Smiley, Wiley MacKiley and recently Wily Ky EYEleee-- holding court on her own nowadays with both Dillon and Benny, definite angels, and the crew from San Diego. .

What a great Anniversary treat last October. Thank you Scott & Lynn

Little Mac ( Wily KyEYEleee) and big uncle Brunick enjoyed a tate a tate up in NH a year ago or so. Mac likes the U Brunick bark!

Ahem! We Piotroskis all recently had a wonderful experience in San Diego and now that all of our colds are gone we can reflect about what a wonderful expereince filled with great acts of kindness ny people who know who they are.  We also had another get together at Matt's wedding in Lake Tahoe. Great fun!

On the softer side, we cannot forget the fabulous, lovely, talented and exciting Barbara Jewel and Angel Teddy and Maureen O'Door – the non-cruisers who hopefully will come back on tour and to all the great HH spots when the great angel Cathy P is back on the scene.

There are also the Red Hat Ladies, and Angel Fran Bartlomovitz and Alma. And of course, there are the Frostbutters -- Brian (Big Brian F-- lotsa Brians), the two Mrs. Carol Frostbutters, Angel Margaret who was on the get well trail right before she took off for heaven. Brian (Little Brian F who shared a few with me at the Aunt Cathy funeral), Hannah, Beth, Sara, and Dante (the Inferno Guy!). You guys are all great! Big Brian better start showing up for important family occasions or I will have to write his name down.

From Boston and New Hampshire, and Florida,  there's help from newly retired and newly reengaged Dr. Susan (Suetrinka) Piotroski and Dr. Mitch (Shuffleboard / Scooter) Bornstein the head of the place, Johann Anstett has challenged Mitch to a duel on the S-board but no response yet! Matt from San Fran and Allie, the lovely actress and a to-be lawyer, the Bornstein children, who call yours truly unkabunk are always pitching in. Plus, their own extended family in which one special person stands above the crowd, and in Boston it is the great and grand Nick (Nicky Nickopoulis). Thank you all for your miraculous contributions and your great love for Dillon! Also thank you for the R&R offer so kind to give us the Florida spot for our sojourn, and even nicer that Suetrinka was planning to join us. Dinner in Diego was outstanding!

From Washington, there is help from the Pentagon but the best help besides Josh, comes from the State Department's own Dr. Stan Piotroski, the miffintiff for global assurances among great minds. No, that is not AIG. Stan is so creative that his paintings cost more than some of my cars have cost over the years. Your kindness on the Segways was not unnoticed. Goodness reaks from your very being. 

Thanks to Archie Harders for being the most pleasant non-Piotroski – or was that me – in NH and again in SD. Thanks Stan and Archie. Great pictures from all of the wunnerful art shows, especially those with the Petrinka sisters. Congratulations on the vows. Can you photo shop Big Brunick (mois) into one of those? I did get a kick out of blaming Archie for the theft of the cookies from Coronado. We noticed the Metamucil somehow was on the counter but the cookies, Stan, and Archie were gone. Coincidence? I think not!

Back on the one-time local trail there's the lovely Carol Piotroski, as wonderful a lady as ladies can be with a spirit to match. You are the best Carol and I know that for sure. I am tickled to know you. Thank you for all the inspiration Carol and of course, Merry Christmas Carol. Glad you are content now to be living on the West Coast with your son Justin & his beautiful ux Denise, & of course Joseph Stanley & Lena Miriam -- aks, the Bullets!. BTW, the hoagies were great a while back that we shared at your table. We'll have to travel a bit to get the next hoagie. I am still intrigued by Wiley KyEYEleee's natural affinity for egg producing Justin chickens. I bet they miss her. What a treat Dr. and Mrs. J. Thank you!  And Aunt Carol, Merry Christmas Carol. 

We may need to put xtra beds in the place now that the Martys’ are in H-burg. We don’t see you enough, you cur!. We are permitted to repeat things.  Thanks to Sandy Polka Boback, The best also to Justin Piotroski (Dr. J.), Denise the farmer, Sister Marlene Weitzel, and Angels Ferd & Carrie Weitzel. Now that Carol is permanently on the West Coast, in a new place, close to your beloved son, we wish you the best and hope to see you again soon. If we won the recent Powerball, a few Kellys were prepared to purchase the great place Scott sponsored for us all. We did win but the $8.00 won't do it. 

Always at the top of the list for discernment and enlightenment is Bill “the Master” Kustas, Jean & Vito Fioti, & the grandkids, Christopher Fioti, and Maria Fioti. More help always with Notre Dame’s # 1 fan and one time master of accommodations, Bill Rolland, Steve and Shelly Bartolomei, and of course the great musical cutter Harrison Arthur and his friend Harry Heck Jr., wife Nancy and first born, Connor. More thanks to two individuals, Judy Jones and Jerry Reisch and never last and never least, Judy Judy Judy Seroska, Amy and Emily – nice time at the Tobo wedding! & of course the mythical bon vivant and computer wizard, Pierre Le Kep, sister Patti and Karl, and Mr. & Mrs. Kepics (Angel Steve and Jennie).

And, of course there is Terry O’Brien and his wonderful family. Terry and I go back --- way back. There are lots of O’Briens in the mix of great help: Wifeeee-Mary E O'Brien, Son #1-Kenneth O'Brien, Son #2-Philip O'Brien, Son #3-Terrance O'Brien and the princess: Granddaughter-Rory Mary O'Brien

Working through all the Piotroski helpers we find a host of help from Cousin Joey from West Virginia-- glad you got well Joey!. There are also Angels Johnnie and Georgie, to Louise, with our own Mary (Dale) & Jude Goya (Children Joseph & Katie), Richard & Sharon Dale, Mike, John & Laura, Artie & Tammy, and Joanne & Dave, Angel Theresa, Georgie, & Angel Roseanne (Honey), Angel Eddie and a wonderful Angel Barbara & Eddie Hahn. Thanks to Nancy, Suzanne & Frank; Angel Danny and MaryAnn Oleniak, Raymond, Mary, and Jennifer; Angel Russ (the Ghost of Offset Past) and Bernadette Banta, Russ & Lisa, Mike & Holly, Scott & Wendy, Sherrie & Dave. We love youze guys.

Of course, the long list of helping hands continues with lots of wonderful people with regular names like Jeanne and farmer Joe Elinsky, two of the nicest people in the world, plus the farm is pretty nice also. Then, there are the "kids," Angel Jeannie Elinsky, Scott and Lorie, who are now married. Yes, heaven's favorite doggies -- Beckett, Winston and Chance help as needed. Plus, the one-time wonderful lampshade wearing, chubbing-up every day-boy Logan who now helps from Doggie Heaven as needed.

Marie Mericle, Kim & Rob Mericle, the Mericle Munchkins, Kelly, Katie, Christin, & Robby -- Penny & Larry Stirewalt, Sunny and Spencer, and also the cast and crew from the Brace Place or wherever it is now located, Thank you all for all your help.

Thanks also to Angel Eddie and Rose Hourigan & the Juniors, young Eddie Jr. and Joseph. Now that I am thinking about Joey Hourigan, he looks just more like Father Gavitt, (who celebrated his 25th in the Priesthood 25 years ago (just kidding) and is now looking close at thirty or forty. Neither of these blokes know why they look alike -- and neither are complaining. Of course Father Terry or Father Terry’s father Buddy may have some spiritual thoughts if we can get them in the mood to tell.

It helps to have good people on your side in all you do. Father Gavitt is as good as it gets. Joe H. is almost as good. The fact that they are such wonderful people to me, is a gift. Thank you. BTW Father Terry's father's son Father John hit a home run at Father Gavitt's 25th a few years back and he is warming up for the next. In 2010, the same year my brother Ed passed to the Lord, Buddy Terry, a great man and a great IBM guy, and Father Terry’s Father joined the angels. Son Rob and family are doing well thankfully. Rob’s little guy is now in Med school. Isn’t that wonderful. BTW, Father Gavitt is back at St Mary’s and we thank the Lord for that.

When I asked Father Terry to say the funeral Mass for my brother Ed, he was most gracious as always. Our family thanks Father Terry immensely for his love and charity. God sure made a good one there, and the good help came no matter how hard they themselves hurt inside for their dad passed away at the same time. The good padre also pryaed hard for Cathy Piotroski. May God help Cathy reach her full potential in heaven. .

Always willing to proof a paragraph and maybe two is John (Johann Johann) and Carol (Caaaal) Anstett, Grandma Leona would not have it any other way. Grandma Annie would insist. While I was editing a book several ago, Leona had her 98th birthday. She has since passed on and has become an angel, and an angel she sure is. She was a beautiful lady with so many fascinating stories that I wish I had a note pad with me whenever I spoke with her. God bless our Grandma Leona.

When we visited her one of the last times, she looked at me, as my wife Pat would say, with that big and burly black coat. She took another hard look and then she said it:"you lost weight didn't you." After I said something inane, she said, you don't look as ah, ah, ah (we could all hear the wheels rolling). Then she said it, "ROUND." Hah! We all got a laugh. As noted, Gramma Leona joined the Lord as another wonderful angel a few years ago. John Anstett Sr, Leona’s beloved husband was very tickled to greet her in heaven. I know I miss her. I miss her great stories for sure but the muse are even more invigorated to give me great ideas. 

Always an inspiration is the wonderfully "Heights-Oriented" angel, Grandma Annie (from Mayflower), who is now an angel of the finest order. I got word to skip the fruitcake recipe this year. The fruitcake has never been quite so good with Annie in charge.  When Mrs. Demmeck (Annie) was thinking she was not doing too well, I came to visit her and she looked at me and said, "Kelly, what are you doing here, I am half-dead." My friends and her daughter remember my saying to her, "Well then let me talk to the other half." What a lady!! She laughed harder than anybody though I admit I did not expect her to die the same day. She did and she is now with her loving husband. So lucky am I.

She and her hubby John “Yak” Demmeck are now well rested and keeping Leona and John Sr. good company. Life is wonderful but with all our friends in heaven in the afterlife, can you imagine how great it will be. Not that I am trying to rush things, mind you. But, I bet they have a flatbed trailer tucked away some place up there with smiles all around.

Recent Angel, Monsignor Joseph Rauscher is clearly an honorary Anstett and I thank him for his help as well as the spiritual guidance that comes just from his gaze. He had a tough medical incident and to the Monsignor, Pat and I are glad you are feeling better. We plan to come to German Night again this year after a several year absence.

Of course, there is Johnny (the NBC Director aka Johann Johann Jr.) Anstett, Erica Anstett and Ed Stehle. God bless Ed’s dad who passed away recently. RIP. Cousins Martha and Jerry Pesnowski also passed away. May God keep them in his heavenly home.

Johann Johann Sr. has a number of important roles in life. Besides a church lector, he is the large vessel tester at St. Conrad's, and he is the neighborhood poisonous beer taster back in the 'hood.’ Also, helping along the Gulf coast are other "Anstetts" -- Joe and Betta Demmeck, Christopher & Emily Demmeck, Chloe and the new baby, Haley. Joe and I tussle a bit and we call each other names because we do not think the same politically. I am hoping to help Joe understand the threats to America. My lovely wife once said that nobody can teach me “nothing,” but Joe tries. Thanks also to Bob & Cathy Wood, Haley, Georgie, Cousin Eddie, Aldo & Joan Casseri, and the rest of their huge Anstett offspring broods. They must be good Catholics.

The list goes on with Carolyn and Joe Langan, Keith and Kevin Langan, wife Lori and the growing little girls-- Brenna,23, and Lindsay, 21 What a pleasure to know such wonderful people. Keith, thanks for helping us with the snow!

From Wilkes-Barre we have Karen and another angel, Al Komorek, my great friend for many years. Also, there is my Godson, Michael, who is newly married, and Al Komorek Jr., the Komo-inlaws, Nancy and Tony Banik, and the wunnerful wife, Alyssa.

Bob and Nettie (Fortunata)  Lussi cannot escape having their work acknowledged as it deserves a big thank you. Your contributions are always first rate as are those of Joelle and Jaime Lussi (Milz / Volonakism), the two very wonderful Lussi daughters and of course baby Evelyn Mae Mills. Joelle and Billy Mills are proud parents. Jaime and Jason Volonakis have two lovely daughters - Chiara and Penelope. Bob Lussi is one of my favorites and his work with the books enables me to provide a supply of DGR to ease my writing pain as well as put smiles on the faces on many people. Bob is a gentleman and a scholar and I thank him for all his help and friendship. 

Bernie (Bernardo), Cathy, Bryan, and Alison Healey and little John have made their mark in every work I have produced. Joe & angel Julie Mantione, plus great people like Bill and Laura Brace, by the raging Susquehanna,

Georgio and Shirley Morio Vitanovec, makers of the best Slovak Red, ninety-five years in a row, and of course John and Suzanne Vitanovec, when your having more than one. Thank you all.

Thanks you Bill and Debbie Milz; Mike and Patti Milz and all the little Milz’s that make the backyard sound so nice.

Dr. Haragopal Penugonda and Dr. Dwaraki Penugonda, wonderful friends and protectors of our family.

Attorneys Kim and Ruth Borland have always been very helpful.

Angel Frank and Donna Pasquini and all the Pasquini kids know how to leave their muse tidbits. Frank, I was just at your event last year and it was wonderful. You are a wonderful man and I hope you are well soon. We're praying. Paul & Sue Shovlin do their best to make all the books successful. Bernie and Susan Mengeringhausen, Rich and Marian Chukonis help also.

Angel Mercedes Leighton, Angel Maxine and Angel Simon Coblenz, Larry Coblenz, Rhea & Dave Brown, Phyllis, Barry & Abby, Ben & Alexis Pezner. And, of course Joseph and Mary O'Brien, and Tom Madigan are always there to help.

Dr. Haragopal Penugonda always has kept me healthy and before retirement made sure I was ready for the holidays each year. Dr. Dwaraki Penugonda keeps Dr. Harry well enough to do the job. Thank you all. We’re still raving about the great Penugonda wedding!

Bonnie and George Mohanco, Becker and Robin Mohanco, Lilia, Josh, and Alaina Like Mohanco -- BTW, Josh is a real patriot just back again from serving the US in a war zone with the State Dept and always ready to go to Afghanistan. Thank you. Two new Mohancos’ from the Josh family are Luca John O. Mohanco and Sophia Lilia O. Mohanco. Hey who said something about Dirty Big Louie? The Lord is taking care of this angel as we speak.

Thank you to all my fellow members of St. Conrad's Society, including Thurwald 'Buddie" Holmgren, Bernie Hummer, Tony Glazenski and others who are there when needed. Special thanks also to a great barber, Bob Yanelavage for the number of years he takes off my appearance with each hair cut. Bob is a pro. I understand Joe McKeown is adopting Bob when Bob turns 25. If only he could finish the gifted gallon faster, my confidence would grow. Joe is checking on him regularly to make sure Bob does not take too many vacations.

And, of course there is Bob Amory, my first barber whose "cuts" got me to where I am today. Congratulations on your retirement Bob! And thank you to Daniel J. Flood, the inimitable, legacy NEPA Congressman who continues to help me with my voice lessons.

Let's not forget the GAR gang of Paul & Cathy Radzavicz. This fine couple know how to cook, eat, and make merry. They even know how to function in a certified Man-Cave with their friend Stella. Rachel and Mike Suchowieski fill that cooler up with such delicacies. They are amazing and delicious. Of course there is the full Naples GAR gang. Thanks for the memories and inspiration from Roy and Rosemary Bartlett, who gave up their home and accommodated the Condo Rabble.

Ross and Ann Marie (Stoney) Livingstone help all the time, As nice as it gets. Madelyn and George Elias are always in communication with the muse and the “Belt people” plus the Eleanor people, and the Mergo man, who himself is friends with the C-Kowskus pin-boys of yesteryear.

Claire and Chip Godfrey help from their new surrounds in their new beautiful digs with every convenience known to mankind except deer and wild turkeys. But, I bet there is some Austin Nichols’ Wild Turkey available for the asking.

Angel Yogi and Marie Michaels help when available for they have a direct link to heaven with their son, the priest and Yogi, their newest saint. What a great guy!. Eddie and Evelyn Baker, now known as the “Bakers” have found the man-cave and seem to like it. Ain’t love great!!!

Some think Paul R hid the keys but I know differently as the closet still opens and Stella still lives. The Manischewicz Brothers (Manno and his other brother Manno) were not available for support on this book but the Christian Brothers held by Dennis, "Bucko" Grimes and Barbara are still wondering what John Jameson did with that green bottle. So is Evelyn!

Other helping hands include Dr. Lou and Angel Marie Guarnieri as well as Mary and Cindy Guarnieri, Dr. John, and Dr. Nancy, the newest Chiropractors, and their new baby, God bless-em. All these trained hands have been indispensable. At Phoenix rehab, Sean Foley got it going then Dr. Alicia Orlowski. Nina Williams, Thank you. They also helped son Michael so I did not have to worry. At the time, Lois Donati and Jane Mivarek did their best to make sure administration was perfect. Now Michael and his ACL repaired tear credits Phoenix for their good work.

I can’t forget Angel Mike and Cathy Kurilla, their daughters, Kristi, (the oldest) Susan & Jessica (Temple) And, of course my long time friends Angel Frannie & Angel Joanne Kurilla, their sons Anthony and Frank & his wife Tanya and the two little ones, Ashley & Kristi. I sure miss those trips to Canada with 5000 Dice champion angel Joanne, the Windsor, and all the nice tries at getting the language right. We did get the beverages right! Watch out for flying chocolate bunnies! Our great friend, Mikey Kurilla recently passed on to the angels. He like, brother angel Frank, a fine and wonderful brother, who preceded him in December, 2012, are the last of the Kurilla’s. They made a lasting and wonderful impression on the world and I sure wish they were still here. But, I am happy that they are entrusted to our most merciful God.

Special thanks to Bob and Karen Fountain, long time soccer friends, coaches and fellow parents. Bob and I were even Little League coaches in the same league. If I choose to run for Mayor, Bob will be part of the deal. Also, thanks to their daughter Jill Novickoff and husband Alex, and their new little daughter Mila. Plus, thanks go to Cory, Randy, and Scott for the fine help with the muse. Soccer’s best -- Dave and Janet Elston still provide support when needed.

Going back to the top of the list of helpers is my wonderful and huge pack of McKeown cousins. My brothers and sisters and I brought our children to our family home almost every Sunday as long as our Mom and Dad were on this earth. We loved to see them mingle and enjoy the company of all their first and second cousins. Now, because they know them so well, it is beautiful that our kids love their cousins. Well, our Mom and Dad did the same thing with us. And, we love our adult cousins too. OK since Mom was the baby of her McKeown family some of our first cousins actually were friends with our Mom and Dad even before we met them but hey, the point here is, we love each other.

The list of these fine people begins with our Uncles and Aunts on Mom's side, since we lived with Grandma and Grandpa McKeown. Many of these are now Angels, but all have been major contributors to all writing that I have ever done. The big cheeses in the McKeown family of course begin with Angels John and Mary (Grandma & Grandpa), Uncle Henry, Aunt Francie, Alice & Lolo, Elizabeth, and Alice who we never got to meet. We pray for all with the rest of the McKeown brothers and sisters. These fine angels, cousins, aunts, uncles, have all become members of the muse? Inspiration is inspirational.

Angels Uncle Nick and Aunt Emma McKeown are my mom Irene’s brother and sister in-law. The “Nick” kids include angel Dave and Kathleen Conklin, and their kids, David & Debbie, John & Audrey, Kathy & Butch Parker, Jimmy, Johnny, Paul & Donna, Joseph & Laurie, Nicky & Margie, Mary & Kevin O'Brien, Jeanne & Brian Norris; George Kasiski, John and Debbie Kasiski, Linda Kasiski, and Dawn Seely; Cousins Cathy and Dave have such a large and wonderful clan, they can't fit their own children and their children and their children’s children in for dinner at the one table. Did I say table? I meant house. But, they do. What a superb crew. How amazing to be in their midst. We love them all. How wonderful to be a Conklin!

Rita and Frank DeRiancho, Frank & Janet, Steven & Kitty, Donna, Danny, Brian, and Susan are as good as it gets. Each year, my cousin Rita sponsors a cousin party that is for only those who are of the Grandma / Grandpa McKeown lineage. In-laws are not only invited; they are expected to arrive with their spouses. From my own experience, if only one of us could come, my wife would be hoping I got the short straw and she was in. It is a fine event.

Cousin Frank DeRiancho, (AKA Columbo) a fine fellow in his own right, is often at the gathering. Hey, it's at his house. He has white hair like the Irish guys so he fits in. He actually likes us. But, if the truth be known, it's only because we liked him first. Now, at Rita's ahem, 20th birthday party in the late fall 2008, Frank was so occupied he looked like a detective on an important murder case, like one of those fancy TV mystery novels. He was clearly the detective. So, now, what to call him? Hah! Columbo! It fits like a glove and I actually think he likes the moniker. He is a great guy!

Frank and Dave and I (Big Brunick) found the flies a bit numerous a few years back at the farm. Frank owns the farm so he was thrilled at the eradication system we developed on the fly (pun). We took patriotic napkins that the ladies had given US. We made sure the flag was visible, so that when the fly (an insect that does not seem to like people) met its doom, we could drape it in the small thread of the patriotic napkin.

Then, after twenty-one sips of a Tommy Nelson’s Bloody Mary, which included intoxicants, one of us would use the technique of the schmiddog to fly the “fly” casket into the woods. Many flies met their demise that day but they were put out respectfully in flag draped napkin regalia well formed in burial but colorful paper patriotic garb.

Dave C did not make it in 2013 and 2015, But, he was there is full regalia in 2014. The flies in fear after having seen the many small caskets surrounding the property in 2013, chose not to tempt the executioners who were available. So, fewer “fly” caskets were needed. Frank got two and I got two in 2015.

Joan and Tom Nelson have their own brood. They had condoned the execution of the flies from prior years.

Tommy & Mary Jayne, Michael & Joanne, Tammy & Kenny Reynolds, Timmy & Christine, Kevin & Brooke, Andrew & Jolene Dickson. Love each other either secretly or openly but they love each other nonetheless. Joan and Tom had a Harley accident a few summers ago. Thankfully, they are recovered. The Tunkhannock January gathering is on this year for Jan 23, I think. We thank God.Tom and Joan are healed from the Harley!

My wonderful cousin Joanie had a case of TB when she was young and as the head majorette in Bloomfield High, she had many suitors and was going steady with a young man of importance to the High School Crowd.

When she got TB, he no longer came to see her. But a bloke, my current cousin Tommy Nelson did come to visit. Eventually Joan fell in love with Tommy and unlike any couple I have ever seen, at all times, they adore each other. And, folks, that is good.

Erich Segal, author of the weeper ''Love Story,'' could have had another best seller on this story. Now that Tommy is retired from being a steamfitter, the huge Harley with the trailer for luggage can be seen carrying this handsome and pretty couple all over the country and into Canada several times a year. Yes, they have recently had an accident but they would do a relive if asked on command.

BTW, Tommy a steamfitter fell into the Hudson one day on the job before he retired. Joan always had another set of dry clothes ready just in case. Tommy came out of the water, stopped in the rest room (job johann) and came out fresh and dry. Then, he worked the rest of the day. I already said that a year or so ago, Joan and Tom had a motorcycle accident in Kentucky and they both broke ankles. A truck forced them off the road. Thank God they healed but it has been tough. We all prayed for them. Brother Joe and I had a 250 CC limit for our motorcycles, ahem! Neighbors and others would steal our semi -unprotected bikes. Joe and I forgave them after they paid a bounty and of course we figure God knew we could not cycle as well as cousin Tommy so it was better for him to have the kids steal our bikes rather than we get hurt... Our mileage on the bikes is probably about at the .01 level v Tommy and Joan's.

Now, after all these years, I wish I wasn't 7,321 years old so that I could have even more time with my cousins. Maybe there are nicer people on earth. Maybe there are. Maybe, just maybe... but, then again, this crew of cousins is the real thing and I love them all above as well as the other cousins on the list below. They're all amazing. And there are more of them... For example

Originating at 66 Horton St. are angels Aunt Ruth and Uncle Joe McKeown. Uncle Joe told the twins (my younger bro and sr.) and I that we could not tell any stories out of school on him. But, Uncle Joe was a great man who we all loved dearly. He could walk a mile a minute and was tough to keep up with when we were young. He had this great translucent green coffee mug. And how about the Al Jolson tunes coming from the record player hooked up to the table radio. That was great technology. I for one thought Al Jolson had a lot of potential as a singer but then I learned that he had died even before I was born. "Mammy." Wow, what great days.

Because of Aunt Ruth and Uncle Joe, we've got other great cousins—Angel Joe McKeown Jr. (Pookey) and his lovely wife, who is now also an angel, Kathy McKeown. We all hoped the new kidney would keep her with us forever, but God makes his own plans. Their children and spouses include Patti & Joe Niznik and children Matthew and Joshua; Mike & Lisa, and children Katie, Michael and Angela all help the muse deliver the right messages..

Kevin & Megan; and their children Patrick and Liam are also team players on the muse side. Pookey plays many musical instruments from piano to banjo. At Christmas as a young teenager, he had a Lionel train set and a perfectly constructed and a great platform. As a youngster I remember being in awe of the mountains, the train switches, and of course the milk car. Thank you cousin Joe. Even Grandma McKeown thought you were special. So do I!

And then there are those Kellys on the Kathleen McKeown side, Angels Cornelius and Angel Kathleen Kelly, Helen and Angel Joe Drexinger, Alice and angels Bonnie and Joseph Jr. Joe McKeown (Jr.) has a cohort Melvin (Manhattan) Manhart, and another named Red Jones. He and Red are two of the best Square Dance callers in the nation. Well, I think so. I heard them in action. Kathleen tried to teach me to Square Dance. I need a lot more lessons.

By the way, I take my dog to Caesars for grooming. The owner is a wonderful lady. She charges nothing. She does accept donations for shelters that do not euthanize. What a wonderful notion. What a wonderful person. Thank you, Marie. 

My nominee for best barber in America is Bob Yanelavage from Plymouth. He got to groom both Angel Joe McKeown and I on a regular basis, though Joe seems to be not as loyal as I, ahem! Sometimes we were even in the shop together at the same time working over our buddy angel Cliffy Madrack. Joe was thinking about adopting Bob and he has begun a regular routine to assure that Bob is in the shop when he is supposed to be there. Good people are good people.

A few years ago Angel Aunt Louise joined with Uncle Jimmy McKeown in heaven. Their kids, my cousins, include angel Jerry, Patsy McKeown Toole and Angel Jim Toole, as well as Danny and Tisch McKeown, who are hoping for another German Night soon.

These are their helping children: Pat and David McKeown / Hidalgo, Caitlin and Conner; Maureen and Dominic McKeown / Bucci, Gabrielle, Olivia and Dominic (twins), and Michael; Dan & Tracey McKeown, (Jr.). Dan Jr. is known to those who grew up with him by his confirmation name of Brian; Karen and Steve McKeown / Ortman, Zach, Amelia, and Will. Yes, thank God, there are many McKeowns.

Tina McKeown & Jimmy Slabinski, a friend of Tina and a friend of dogs everywhere, except one are all ready to help. Jimmy the post man is no longer our post man but we see him more than before. He is still a good guy and offers lots of help. Mr S. has moved on and so Tina has a chance to catch her wind. Cousin Patsy married Angel Jim Toole, the brother of a judge who became the president of a college. I knew him from my days at IBM when he was the College President. But, I did not know he was my cuz at the time. He was a nice person. You bet!

Cousin Dan is a Judge someplace in NJ but Trish is the real judge in the family. They travel hither and yon to be with their cousins for many events from the cousin-fest in the summer, to the square dances with cousin Joe and Kathleen, to the great German Night celebration at St. Nicks. As Lawrence Welk would say, a wunnerful, a wunnerful...

Angels Uncle Gene & Aunt Helen McKeown had three wonderful girls. Help comes from first cousin Angel Jean and new Angel Hank Fibick, and angel second cousin Richard Knaus and his wonderful family. Richard and I were best friends for many years while he was living in the area. Hank and Jean were parents to me when I spent a wonderful summer with them. Thanks for all your help on the books, Rich, Jean, and Hank. Richard went on to the Lord just recently. I'll miss ya kid, big time!.Hank left us just a few months after Richard. Lois and Gertrude are two other first cousins of mine who are special ladies themselves. Thanks for all the help.

Angels Aunt Nina and “big” Jim Brady, and cousin Jimmy Brady Jr. another fine angel what a guy with the greatest red '55 Ford with a continental kid , also more Cadillacs than you could shake a stick at!   Angel cousin Tommy Sr., and wife Angel Mary Rowan are as good as It gets. Angel Arlene from WB, Tommy Sr.'s Mom, who ran the corner establishment bearing her name for so many years is in all of our prayers. She was the greatest! Hollywood bars a plenty and if not enough Hollywood, there was always Big Time Bars. 

On the Nina side of the family of course we have cousin Arlene, a pretty young lady who has had a few serious transplants and who God has favored with a long life.,  and Angel Richard May -- another young angel, Tommy Rowan Jr. & Madeline, and all the other McKeown / Brady cousins, uncles & aunts who can’t make it to the special muse event every summer in Montrose. If any can get a ticket to this, you are a lucky person indeed. Thank you, indeed. If you need a ride, call 1-800-ME.

My father, a Kelly, always deferred to the McKeowns at Irene's (Biddy's) insistence, But he loved the McKeowns and the Kelly’s equally, though his name was surely Kelly. 

Of course, there are the Kellys, the family from which I got my name, many of whom are also Angels, and their great help in the muse category starting with Angels Grandma and Grandpa Kelly, and Angel Uncle Martin Kelly, the first born who died when he was just 53 has been most appreciated.

Then there is our wonderful Angel Aunt Marie & Angel Bud Hopko, Angel Aunt Helen and Clarence Berger, Bonnie & Bergie and their families, Angel Aunt Catherine and Leonard Lamascola, and all the half Italian, half Irish cousins - still FBIs. I regret that I do not remember all their names right now. I hope they tell me who they are so I can complete these acknowledgments properly.

Helping me get it right were angel Uncle Pat & Angel Aunt Mary Kelly from Espy street. Continuing there ware, Angel Pat Jr. and Kim, Tommy, Sharon & Bob Yale, Maureen & Bill Roussedge, Jerry (Jud) Kelly from Uncle Pat’s lineage. Thank you all for your help when I tried to beat politics in WB and ran for Mayor. You were all great!

Also on the Kelly side there was Angel Uncle Mike & Aunt Fran, Mary Lou and Ellen, the wonderful little lady that Uncle Mike was so careful to protect. I met a guy in the Summer who was at a Bishop Hoban event and stopped at a tavern on the square. He knew Aunt Fran, Mary Lou, and Ellen. What a nice experience.

How about Angel Uncle Joe Kelly & Angel Aunt Marguerite Kelly and Angel Aunt Helen Kelly. Aunt Kit and Angel Uncle Phil Kelly (Red Cloud Kelly is also on the list for his past due diligence in writing postcards and other memorabilia under the American Indian fictitious name act.) Uncle Johnnie Kelly is still the youngest of the "Fighting Kellys." Thank you all to all the unmentioned Kelly cousins, uncles & aunts who once shared the Christmas tree lights at 913 Scott St put up by Angel Marie Hopko.

Another set of acknowledgments to this special category, Holly Goncheroski, Sandy (Grunders), Patricia Singer, Angel Marla Hunter, Malinda Hunter, Michale's chosen lady, Sam Ashby, Conrad Miller, Hector De Los Santos, Aaron, Theresa, and Ray, Brad DeFraim, Angel Kelly Gorham, Dave Thompson, Scotty Huber & Julie Casey (never let 'er go you cur!), Kevin the Walloper Doyle & Attorney Pat Doyle, & Attorney Ron.

A ton of thank-you's go off to the almost in-laws. Angels Mr. & Mrs. Morrissey and Angels Mr. & Mrs George B. Lewis. Their spiritual help is always assuring. Mrs. Lyla Lewis, a.k.a. Sal took her trip as an angel a few summers ago and Pat and I helped her be buried in NEPA.

Thank you to Angel Bobby Morrissey and his living angel Mary. And, new Angel Tommy Morrissey now with his bro. Thanks also to Chuck and Marilyn Gallagher, Tom and Lucille Buck for their continual guidance and inspiration. And that Janie Livingston and Margo and Jack keep helping and daughter Megan whenever possible.

Hard as it is to believe, Pat and Brian (me) often go to places like the Barney Inn (Chris Nics) with libations a-plenty. Some of the fine personnel at these joints include Angel Bud and Ann Miller and the Sister-In-Law. They are as good as it gets in terms of people. Recently, the EPA-guy who sees the EPA for all it has done negatively for America, Bob Thomas, a fine gentleman with the same name as the fine gentleman who was a friend of dad—Edward J. Kelly Sr. The author of this book presented the book, “Kill the EPA” to Bob and Lois Thomas, two Barney Inn people just like Pat and I (Brian.) They are with Thomas and Thomas Legal Services and for the firm, Lois is a Court Reporter. When I saw them last, they were enjoying their copy of Saving America, one of my books, It is so wonderful to meet such nice people and they do affect everything I write.

Special acknowledgments to a number of techno-geeks, IBMers, and executives, who either work in the former AS/400 field or use it for their business. Let's start with Barb Chaderton, Bill 'Curly' Kepics, Ray Killian, Nancy Dolan - a different kind of Angel, Mike Conway, Jimmy and Cindi Faller who support everything I do. Eppy (Bernie) and Julie Harding are as good a people as God has ever created. But, Eppy should never have told Jim Sheehan the secret of yelling certain things up the steps.

Other big time helpers from IBM and yon include Bruce and Ann Ikeda. Bruce and Ann had their reception in our house and Ann had the pleasure of redrawing our new home six times before I finally took out some white out to get it how I wanted it. But, in all fairness, for just about all of the house, Ann's ideas were much better than mine or Pat's. Well, mine, anyway! I have all their kids names but I forgot them other than Brian. I'll get them...

IBM stalwarts etc. include Angel Andy & June Yakscoe, Todd & Angel Jane Materna, Dave Guss, Angel Bob Smith and his daughters Lynn and Anne, and Al and Alice Teufel & all the once little now big Teufels. Al took me under his wing when he did not even know me. He then helped me get transferred to Scranton from Utica NY, and when I got to Scranton, he made sure that I would be successful. Al told me I should smile more. Thanks!

Others ready and willing to give ideas include Alka Seltzer Joe Menko, Tim Stritter, and Cindi, Bob Fratarcangelo, Donnie Watson, Bob Joseph, Jack Flinn, Ron Saunders, Tommy Vasil, Angel Buddie Terry, Rev. John Terry, Bob Terry, Tom McDonald, Gerry Vasil, (the Vasil birds-parakeets etc.) David Dakin, Terry O'Brien, Mike Gibbons, Angel Joe Kologe & Mrs. K., Jim Sheehan, Todd & Jane Materna, Dick & Barbie Powell, Audrey & Angel Dan Faison, Bill Hackman, Bill Superdock, Bud & Beth Morgan, Barb and Chic Robinson, Cindy Dorzinsky, Cindy Goodwin, Eric Priest, Jeff Massaker, Jerry Reisch, Angel Joe Byorick, Angel Joe Rydzewski, John Robbins, Paula Terpak, Angel Jessica Webb who was a friend of son Brian and who edited some of our earlier books while Brian was in Law School and of course Angel Tom Rosencrans, IBM Business Partner exemplar. IBM's Kelly Schmotzer, who survived Cleveland as a young and lovely cha-ching person helped with ideas continually. She is as nice as she is charming and smart. Matt and Michelle (Dente) Beutel keep the ideas and the catered food coming. - plus Phyllis from Astro Apparel. Rod Smith is always ready with an answer derived by Query, Rosalind Robertson, Joe Cortagerone, Alexander Tedesco & the "B" - Betty Carpenter, Sandy Glassman, John Belden, & Lee Thornton, & Barb Chaderton, have helped in multiple ways over the years.

Last, but not least on the list of techno-geeks is one of my best friends and former IT Director supreme, Sister Lucy Pennoni. Lucy is my most favorite person in the Religious Sisters of Mercy and we shared many a cookie together in the break-room of the RSM HQ. Lucy was the IT Director before her retirement. She continues to help me with her encouragement, guidance, and prayers at our regular "Spinning Wheel" lunches. Now that the "Wheel" is no more we are heading elsewhere – Rinehimers’. Now that Rinehimers’ is no more, we are off to the S&W on N. Main St. W-B, PA & Ollies on the Westside & Friendly’s and other places in Dallas. Now that the Jersey Shore in Dallas is closed, we recently we went to Stookeys and we are thinking of the Skillet out the Lake for the next lunch. Thank you Lord, for helping us be so resilient.

Angel Irene (Nick) Jachimiak, whose wonderful mom was known as Mary Nick on High Street in Wilkes-Barre, suggested several years ago that I write a book about High Street from the material she had collected over the years. I have one more book almost written which I will publish after this, and it is off to Irene's High Street book, it is. Irene is going to dictate the contents. In my humble opinion, Irene Jachimiak ought to get a Hall of Fame nomination for Wilkes-Barre as she is such a wonderful Wilkes-Barre Patriot. Thank you Irene for your book help and for all the advice and counsel etc. in my recent campaign for Mayor. Irene passed away but her spirit is still with the alumnae from High Street.  

My good buddy George Elias reminded me a book or so ago, that I had missed a few folks from High Street in my last book. So, let me correct the record. First of all, Mrs Irene (Nick) Solomon Jachimiak was my favorite but I have great regard for all my old neighbors.

Moving from Blackman Street to High to Parish, in that sequence is my buddy Thunsie Peters, who invented Peters' Ice Cream. Angel Albert Peters Sr., Angel Emily Peters, and Butchie Peters the current Godfather of the Peters’ Ice Cream dynasty. It was Thunsies’s recipe. Butchie sold copies of the Wilkes-Barre book during the campaign. Thanks Butch

Also, there is my good friend Bobby Broody—who I called Bibska. Next comes angel Cathy, Ben and Lois Witos, and the Donnelly’s, Dad and Mom Dan & Berti, Young Dan, Larry, Jimmy, Debbie, and Brian. Angels George and Lizzie Volpetti, and Dr. George Volpetti.

Also, George and Mary Ellen Sallitt, William, Edna, Rudolph, and Johina from next door along with Angels Hazel and Frank Nockley Sr. Additionally, Angels Ruth and Joe Solomon—Ricky, Danny, & Marilyn. Thank you also to the Pahlers—mom & dad, Helen, Chas, Rita, Shirley, Jim, and Joe. Ham, Zacqua, and Sadie Abraham. On Holland Street today is my good buddy Irene and her husband Ralph Jachimiak. Also on Holland, Bobby Stanton, George Yuhas, Steamboat Joe Radzavicz; Annie, Murph, and Barbara Feldman.

Back to High Street and Holland, we have Mr. & Mrs. Elias, and Jenny, Helen, George, and Joseph “Skippy” Elias. Across the Mike and Sam Barrouk, Steve, Carmella Steve, Jr. and Beverley, George Eget, Ann Lee Hogan and Michael Daelida. Additionally, there was Nick, and Mary Nick, Zeke, and Joey Solomon. On Parish Street was Clem Eydler and my buddy Billy. At the corner of High and Parish was Arlene Rowan, who ran Tommy’s Place and then Arlene’s and her tavern made the street a lot nicer for the miners across the way at the South Wilkes-Barre Colliery.

At IBM over the years there were a number of folks who helped in giving me the ideas for this and all my books. Among these are Joe LaSarge & Marilyn LaSarge, Al Teufel, Tony & Dottie Opalski, Tom Vasil, Gerry Vasil, Tim Stritter, Carmen Pascucci, Jack Lammers, Drew Bubser, Barbara Robinson, Bruce Ikeda, Ed Schmidt, Jack Flinn, Bob Smith, Elena “Angostura” Anguita Boeth, Ron Sedgley, Steve Jent, Mary Murtaugh, Rob Terry, Angel Buddy Terry, Angel Arlene Gnall, Angel Ethel MacLean, Angel Bob Smith, Donny Watson, Bob Joseph, Joe Menko, Tom Rogers, Ernest & Gloria Asare, Steve Sheptak, Angel Frank Krushinski, Eppy & Julie Harding, Dennis Burke, George and Bonnie Becker Mohanco, Ron Saunders, Angel Andy and June Yakscoe, Todd and Jane Materna, Joe Baigis, Claude Spohrer, Angel Vince Kulmcewski, Chuck Katcavage, Bill Montgomery, Bob Wirts, Andy Glowach, Angel Joe Dupre, Angel John Markoch, Curt Alt, Tom McDonnell, Carl Draganette, Joe Kologe, Jim Shannon, Don WIlce, Jim Tuffy, Audrey and Angel Dan Faison, Ted Brown, Dave Guss, Chris Scoff, Scott Henney, Ann and Howard Conrad, Lisa Anderson, Dave Books, Paul Harkins, Bill May, Bob Wirts, Bill May, Don May,Gene Pierson, Guy Forlenza, Jim Sikora, Tom Moyer, John Logar, Jay Pierre, Lenny Sklaney, Al Asick, Andy Vavrick, Tom Trusky, Angel Jim Adams, Skip Marchesani, Don Wickham. Thanks to all the IBMers... and there are more

There is a special group of people who may very well have been mentioned in other parts of these acknowledgments. This group helped me achieve 1519 signatures for my nomination petition for Congress in District 11 of the State of Pennsylvania. Those who carried my nominating petitions are as follows in no specified sequence.

Angel Cathy & Marty Piotroski, Pat Piotroski Kelly, Erin and Mike Olshefski, Collette Mahoney, Alma Berlot from Nanticoke, Teddy and Maureen O'Door, Jen Smacher, Eddie Hahn, Mary Dale Fahley & son, Joseph, brothers & sisters Mike, John & Laura, Artie & Tammy, and Joanne & Dave. Thank you also goes to Ann Marie & Ross Livingstone, Bob & Karen Fountain, Nancy Flannery, Pephard Q Whoozer (Stephen), Billiard Q Peph (Billy), Dennis & Barbara Grimes, Mrs. Viola Grimes, and Tony Greico.

Campaign manager angel Martin L. Devaney, who is now flying with the finest angels in heaven, was outstanding in the work and processing, Rosemary Huntzinger Gardner, Keith & Joanne Wolfe of the Chophouse in Monroe County until December 2013, and also their four children Jeff, Rich, Kelly, and Kim, and of course their grandchildren Sean, Carter, and Benjamin, Billy and Debbie Milz, Leah and Billy and Joell, Mike & Patti Milz, Chris et al. Christian & Julie Skoff and their eight. Linda & Bob Buynak, Donna Decker, Bill Christian, Steve Christian, Rodney Smith, Tony & Kathy Weiss, A.J. & Jennifer, Joe and Nancy Paddock, Joe & Diane Daches, Sally Schultz Jarmiolowski, Dave Thomson, Mike Kelly, Brian P. Kelly, Katie Kelly, Holly Goncheroski, Mark George Jr. from Avoca -- grand prize winner, Captain Mark E. George, and Craig Roberts, BTW, just in, Tony, the owner of Susyies, restaurant in New Port Richie, FL, has been proudly displaying my book, Just Say No to Chris Christy for President.

Continuing thank you’s to Michael McKeown, Joe & Kathleen McKeown, Bob & Fortunata Lussi, Ken & Karen Evans, Angel Buddy Terry and Father John Terry, John Rose, Mary Claire Brown Payne, Barry Payne, George & Maryann Brown, Angel Romayne Thomas Bosak & Angel Charlie, Norie Faltyn- Durea, Judy Jones from Waller St. Todd & Janie Materna, Angel Aunt Mary Kelly, Sharon & Bob & Kelly Yale, Tom Kelly, Maureen Kelly Roughsedge , Patrick Kelly Jr., "Cindy Dorzinski & Mom in Georgetown. Thank you all. You were all great.

I love all my helping friends including Jerry and Hedy Cybulski and the Elmer L. Meyers crew, Linda DeBoo Buynak, and Bob Buynak, Angel Paul and Diane Grimes, Pat the Peach Fahey Lawson, Mary Claire and Barry Payne. Ellen Simms McGlinchey, Angel Joe Rasimas, Bill and Karen Amesbury, Angel Jack Keller. Add to the list my good friend Nathan (Nate) Fink, who I think is one of the best people in the world, John and Cathy Martinson. You know Johnny married the Tortulla girl from homeroom! He named an Island Tortolla after his lovely bride but never has admitte that Bob Marley once live on the island in the home with the green roof. Martinson loves Florida or perhaps he hates the cold. Hopefull the Mohawks who can will join him this February in Florida at his house or Yogis.

Others who helped include Marty and Cathy Kane, Stanley and Rita Pohutsky—Stanley’s Sweetheart the Ri, Bertie Molnar—the greatest aide ever at Dodson, Angel Marty and Annette Devaney, John and Jim Maloney, Carl Steinbrenner, Earl Bisbing, Angel Earl Gilsky, Jimmy Askew, Jack Bond, "Bondie," Steve Wasserstrom, Donnie "Red Sox" Berman, Clem Norman, Angel Dick Conrad, Mimi Harrison, Angel Romayne and Angel Charlie Bosak, Mary Ann (Toney) Stillarty and Bob Stillarty, Joe the Chief El Jefe LaSarge, and little Marilyn wherever she is as well as Jody and Angela et al.. Sherry Jones Hornberger, Alan and Joan Cole Melberger, John and Susan Rose. John has learned how to finish a political night with a Congressman. Bobby Broody, Jerry Pesnowski, angel Martha Pesnowski, and Dave and Nancy Books, Veronica Jerista Broody, and Loretta Harvey.

Thanks also to Dr. Rex Dumdum-- Marywood-- my Academic mentor, Captain Mark George the great aviator and great friend and his lovely wife Joyce plus their sons Mark Jr. & Dr. Stephen George. Thank you to Atty Brian Petula—soon to be magistrate if he keeps trying. Special thanks also to the E. L. Meyers Class of 1965 for early training in the art of writing & having fun.

On my way to political correctness (OK just kidding), I had the pleasure of working for the Barletta campaign for Congress. Lou Barletta is a great guy and as a second term Congressman, he is as good as it gets. In a world of Obama he is doing quite well. The Congressman showed what a nice person he is and he surely impressed the following in the man cave. Thanks for the conservative outlook in Congress. I hope the juice was good! Lou and Mary Grace are the parents of four daughters: Kelly, April, Lindsey, and Grace. They also have one grandson, Gabriel Louis; and one granddaughter, Madeleine Grace.

Thanks also to Campaign Manager Lance Stange Jr., wife Jessica, and their young boy Lance III, also known as LJ, and of course the new and fabulous baby Jackson,. It is nice to have wonderful people in your life. At the meet and greet. Andrea Waldock also offers promise to the conservatives in NEPA.

I would also like to thank Nancy Lavan, our sponsor at Offset Paperback, our printer. She continually encourages us in our writing and publishing efforts. Chris Grieves, our customer service person from Offset has made working with the printing process an easy task. Jozer Mickey (Joe McDonald) thinks she is the best! Special thanks again go to Michele Thomas, who still does these wonderful covers as a freelancer. She takes ideas and makes wonderful images from them, such as this wonderful cover. She is a great talent. Linda DeBoo Buynak is an artist in her own right and has created a number of the images in past books and she is ready at all times in the on-deck circle. Linda recently painted the Book Hawkers logo (www.bookhawkers.com) where most of the Kelly books are hosted for purchase. Thank you, Linda.

To sum up my acknowledgments, as I do in every book that I have written, I am compelled to offer that I am truly convinced that "the only thing you can do alone in life is fail." Thanks to my family, good friends, and a wonderful helping team, I was not and continue to be --- not alone.