In the eyes of Americans across the country, from the blue of the mid-Atlantic to the red of the heartland, Barack Obama is failing. Each passing day erodes his declining and oh-so-determinative poll numbers. Said most simply, the man just doesn’t get it. He likely never will. Barack Obama does not harbor a thought process anything remotely congruent with the collective onsciousness of those he represents, his constituents: US. More and more people recognize his continual diatribes as those of an automaton, glued to technology for his next thought.

Not long ago, I found myself updating another of my books, Taxation Without Representation, originally penned in 2008 about then current domestic, political, and constitutional issues intertwining the public consciousness. Immersed once again in that vortex of all-too-familiar concerns about our government, I felt compelled to add a few paragraphs about the Obama Presidency in light of the transparent failures of the newly coronated Administration.


I wrote at length about more areas than I expected and before I realized it, the update extended beyond what I would consider a standard update. I knew then that by virtue of its length and current relevance, this work was not a chapter, it actually constituted a new stand-alone book. I am glad that you have selected this book to join me on this journey to preserve American freedom.

Not only is this President losing on the domestic front with long discredited socialist policies that would shock Woodrow Wilson, but his domestic failures are not even offset by some countervailing strength in military affairs. National defense is likewise weakening. Without a meaningful change in Obama’s direction, his ways, fully enabled by a hard left Congress, will doom the country. And I say this… as an optimist.

In his short while as President, he surely has committed more sins than just these. But clearly the sins discussed in this book are the seven deadly sins of Obama. And none can be taken lightly. Read this book to learn how to deal with this grievous sinner.

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