I cover all the billionaires and multimillionaires in all the industries that IBM gave up in my two books, Thank You IBM, and Thank you IBM (the second edition).The second edition corrects some typos in the first and adds well over 100 pages and a new section about Application Software entrepreneurs such as SAP and Amazon, and the billionaires from these companies and others. Both editions are available for purchase at www.bookhawkers.com. Go to page 3 and you will find both books. Additionally, as you can see, the Preface and the Table of Contents and Chapter 1 are available with a link from this site, www.letsgopublish.com.  Look for Thank You IBM Materials and take the link.

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction and I would most appreciate your bringing one of these books home to enjoy. You won’t be able to put it down.

Direct link to buy Thank You IBM 1st edition

Direct link to buy Thank You IBM 2nd Edition