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This news is about your LGP favorite author, Brian Kelly running for Mayor in his home city. This is the news of the day!

No, LGP is not asking for money. We are publishers, not political consultants. However, you should know that Brian Kelly, one of our most prolific authors did run for Congress in 2010 as a conservative Democrat (they are allowed in America).

Brian would not take a dime even if you tried to give it to him. He spent about $4500.00 of his own funds, and he probably would not have run if he had known it would cost him so much. He did not win in the Primary against a 13 term Democrat but he received 17% of the vote. His opponent spend hundreds of thousands.

After this experience, Mr. Kelly learned that neither he nor any honest American cannot win any election against the establishment. Single individuals cannot run against monolith money machines.
To learn more about this author, feel free to go out to and when the site is up, Mr. Kelly has promised us that you will see that as an honest Mayor interested mostly in reducing crime, he will be good for Wilkes-Barre PA and for America.

Rather than take contributions from regular Americans, which requires a team of accountants to sort them out, and another team to report them to the federal government, Kelly says no. But, you can help and you can help learn more about conservatism.

Anybody who thinks they would like to support Brian Kelly for mayor or for dog-catcher, which some say may be more viable, we all know that you are not the money people. LGP promises to give Mr. Kelly a portion of the book price as his royalty for your purchase of any of his books bought via

So, if you think Kelly has something good to offer, you might consider buying one of his books. If you have more than you need to spend, you might also consider buying copies of this one book for all of your friends and relatives at Christmas time.

And, since we at LGP, believe in Santa Claus, and if you are doing so well in life that you would like to help others in the same vein as Santa Claus, you might consider buying a case of each book from LGP and giving them away at the closest mall. Kelly will receive his royalty and if you send us a note via email or snail mail after purchase, we will double his royalty for your purchase. It would certainly help Mr. Kelly in his fight for America, and it might also convince a bunch of old farts that there really is a Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, the places to buy the LGP Kelly books include as well as The books are packed with helpful information for a conservative mind or a liberal mind that needs to hear the truth for a change.

Kelly likes to tell us at LGP that he is not typically a whiner but it did cost him $150.00 plus the cost to get the taxpayer database plus the Notary Public fee for the signatures on the petition, plus the clipboards, etc. etc. etc. just to get in the 2010 race.

Mr. Kelly started his campaign funding by paying $10.00 for a domain name and he had to buy an unlimited domain package at to support all exposure endeavors.  When he began the campaign process, as most Americans would understand, he felt that this might cost a lot of time but surely not a lot of money.

With an average understanding of history and government, Brian believed that he might have to pay $10.00 for the whole deal and not much more since many others before him had opened the door without major funding. Perhaps, like Kelly, they had all lost before they even competed or they saw the futility and they had dropped out.

Kelly stayed in the race and lost big time but he made a big showing also. People who pay attention do not like being hoodwinked by politicians. There were over 10,000 citizens, most of whom had never met Mr. Kelly who expressed disdain for the incumbent by voting for Brian and another person who also ran.  The had the notoriety advantage yet he received less that 50% in the primary election and then lost to a better man in the general election. Mr. Kelly worked for the opposition party so that this particular incumbent never would again gain the public trust.

It cost Kelly over $4,000 for his small campaign . His friends muse that If he could have spent just $20,000.00 from donations perhaps, he may have scored an upset. As much as Kelly hates to admit it, Money in politics matters because the same people who compain about politicians don't want to give a new guy a break.

His friends and casual readers should not have to buy too many books.
Why should somebody who had to be taken kicking and screaming out of his normal life to run for Congress have to then spend money on advertising because the people don't know him?  Yet, when you get no financial help, Kelly admits you lose.

Now, if you happen to buy a book from US that is written by Brian W. Kelly, then it will give him some income and maybe he can even advertise.  His distributors have never told him to whom  they sell the books so he would owe nobody politically, even book purchasers.

Kelly would tell you that there is no cost to vote for him. He would caution you to buy a book if you like a book.  It will not be a campaign donation as it will be income for Lets Go Publish! and the distributors. He does make a few sheckles on each sale and so it will help his life and his campaign.
Feel free to take any of the links on this site below and buy any of the books. All books written by Mr. Kelly will provide value to him in his campaigns.

Kelly does not make you buy a book to find out what he thinks aout topics of the day. His  Web sites are available on the Internet from when he ran for the US Senate and when he ran for the US Congress. There are lots of essays on these sites that show how I feel about most topical areas. Check out and also the site if you are so inclined.

Thank you for visiting the Lets Go Publish! site. Brian W. Kelly thinks we do a nice job of hosting his work site, and any others who choose to get heir work doen by Lets Go Publish --

The best!