A Combination Tutorial and Lab Book Designed for IBM i RPG & RPGIV based Application Development

Finally, there is an affordable RPG and RPGIV tutorial for IBM i RPG & RPGIV programming. It is much less expensive than other available self-study packages because it was built first to be a lab guide. It is designed to help students learn RPG without going broke.


Additionally, this book is designed to be used by Colleges and Universities as an RPG/RPGIV course Lab book for RPG. The book is packaged to be used with an IBM i library designed to make learning as easy as possible. The book also has an optional set of “talking” PowerPoint slide presentations that are based on the popular IBM i Pocket RPG & RPGIV Guide (text book). These slides can be an effective lecture series when used with or without a Moodle CMS. Besides all that there is a sample syllabus as well as optional quizzes to make the learning environment complete.

Besides the 1-2-3 type tutorial and lab exercises in the tutorial/lab guide, it also provides lecture material that not only helps you learn the language, the material helps you get your labs done right - screens designed, programs compiled, programs executed, and output examined.

All IBM i Lab objects are included in the downloadable material standard with this book package. The Labs are well done and well documented and they are built so that you can complete them successfully by visualizing the solution. Since nobody likes to key programs from scratch, the lab exercises are already typed with enough important material redacted to provide painless learning. You learn programming rather than typing. The capstone lab is almost 500 statements of RPGIV learning. By the time you finish the last lab, you will not be a better typist but you will have learned RPG / RPGIV.

There are many RPG books and expensive self studies but there has never been an RPG tutorial/lab guide as affordable and as well-done as this. You won’t want to put down this comprehensive guide to learning IBM i RPG/RPGIV now that you’ve got your hands on it. Considering the age of RPG, this book is almost 50 years overdue. In today’s IT landscape, most IBM i System i shops support both RPG and ILE RPG. Besides its easy-to read down-home writing style, the major benefit of this book is that it is built to be a learning tool and thus it can help anyone whose mission it is to educate/train new RPG & ILERPG (RPGIV) programmers. Programmers are responsible for maintaining andextending the RPG programs that run businesses across the world.

Programming in RPG helps get business applications running sooner. Using this tutorial/lab guide help students, neophyte and novices learn the language sooner. For those with a non-IBM i IT background, this book has enough exercises to help you qualify for an entry level position upon faithful completion.

Just as in the ole Spaghetti Sauce Ad, "It’s in there..."